Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Catch-Up

I can't believe Christmas is in a week.  With all of the sad news lately all I have wanted to do is stay home with Ellie and enjoy every second with her.  Unfortunately, busy life gets in the way but we've still managed to have some fun.  I have a few fun things planned for us this week as well that I know she will enjoy.

Last week we decorated our gingerbread house!  I bought a pre-assembled house (I didn't know it at the time) and it is honestly the best invention ever.  It was fun to just decorate and enjoy.  Ellie was on candy overload after we finished.  She managed to sneak quite a few pieces while she decorated:)

Our finished product!

Friday night we went to Jackson to shop.  While Don was getting his haircut we went next door to Panera for a cookie treat.  I couldn't get all of those Connecticut kids off of my mind.  Something little like sharing a cookie was just what we needed!

Friday night after we got back to Greenfield we drove by a house that is decorated like crazy and put to music over the radio.  Ellie squeeled with delight the entire time.  We had such a great time!

Miss Priss...

Some days I still can't believe we are having another baby, let alone a BOY!  I can't quit looking at Don's baby pictures wondering what he will look like.  I wonder if he will weigh almost 11 pounds like Don did?  He was only 2 months old here!

I thought this was a cute little video.  I wouldn't let me download the whole thing, but I still wanted to share.

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  1. Wow, there's actually a picture of you on here! haha. Us mama's are never in pictures. :)
    11 pound babies are pretty great, they start sleeping through the night a lot sooner than most! :)
    You look great Emily and I hope you're feeling well. Merry Christmas to your family!