Friday, November 30, 2012

Catching up

Still no camera, so here are a few pictures until I get it back!

Paging Dr. Ellie...

This girl loves playing doctor.

Poor thing was out cold at a football banquet last week.  She slept through the whole thing!

First manicure!  DeDe treated her before we left on our trip.  She looks terrified, but she was so proud!

Ginger is here!  She was waiting for Ellie after she got home from Mrs. Carla's with an afternoon snack.  Poor Ginger has been hanging out in Ellie's stocking ever since.  She just can't keep up this year!

My pretty girl.  She's all about posing and taking pictures these days:)

We had to make a quick trip to Jackson, so she got a treat at Target.

Happy Friday!

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