Monday, November 26, 2012

Nassau--from my phone

I ran off and left my big camera in Memphis.  Boo!  So, until I get it back, a phone update of our fabulous trip to the Bahamas will just have to do!

This little girl was the best little traveler.  We managed to go the entire week without a single meltdown until we got to the airport to head home.  I'd call that a success!  Ellie was in heaven the entire week and having so many great helpers made it an easy and relaxing vacation on everyone.

The two that made this trip possible.  I don't think I said thank you enough!!

Can someone please tell me what we did before iPads and portable DVD players?

We stayed on Atlantis.  The place is HUGE!  We walked a lot every day and once again, Ellie was a trooper.  We decided last minute to not bring the stroller and there were only a couple of times I wished we had it.

The main reason we went was to watch the Memphis Tigers play in the Battle 4 Atlantis. Here is our first game vs. VCU.  We won't talk about the outcome.

I don't have any pool pictures on my phone, but we spent lots of time at the water park and kiddie pools.  Atlantis is great for kids.  There is tons to do and kids are everywhere!  Ellie got to "build a bear" as a little souvenir treat to bring home.  She was so excited!

 We toured the Discover Atlantis aquarium one night.  This was one of my favorite parts of the resort!

 We tried to get reservations at the hotel restaurants but they were all booked every night:(  So, we ventured off the resort and had dinner at "The Poop Deck" one night.

Fun, fun trip!  Hopefully I will have my camera back soon and willl be able to do a full recap!

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