Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our week in iPhone pics...

I'm back, and once again with random pictures off of my phone.  There is just no time for "photo ops" these days, but my phone seems to do the job!

Who knew life as a coach's wife could be so chaotic on game day?!  We were running around like wild people last week before the first game.  I told Don I felt like his personal chef, photog, shopper and secretary.  We fed the boys a spaghetti supper and even had halftime snacks for them.  I think these boys are learning that Coach Pitt is NOT going to let them go hungry!  Crazy things came up all day--between buying 40 Snickers bars last minute to running to the Dollar store for 30 pairs of tube socks...I am thankful for all the help, my Sam's card, and a flexible work schedule.

After buying countless bottles of this stuff...we finally got smart.  This was a picture text I sent to Don to see if it was okay with him if we bought in bulk!  He approved! Ha.

This little cheerleader looks forward to game day.  She loves cheering on our Jackets!

Here is a peek at E's Lynn and Lynn portrait.  I am IN LOVE!!!  Can't wait to have it framed.

Sweet girl playing at Chick-a-way

Operation big girl bed has begun!  I am loving how it is coming together.

Told you it was random!  I just don't feel right if I don't at least attempt some sort of update once a week.

Until next time!

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