Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More phone pics and a video!

I am back with more random pictures off of my phone.

Don had his head coaching debut last Friday night!  I was too busy sweating and feeding people to take many pictures, but I did manage to snap a few of you know who.  They didn't turn out too well, but it does give you an idea of how dang hot it was.  I am ready for fall football!

She had the cutest ponytail before we left the house.  The heat and humidity made it curl into a tiny ball by the end of the night!

 Poor girl got so tired by the end of the game that she laid back and relaxed on the concrete steps.  Next time I'll bring her a pillow!

We had her 2.5 year portraits done a couple of weeks ago.  I am SO pleased!  While driving through, we of course had to stop at Chick-a-way.  Pictures and chicken sure are exhausting!

We saw this idea on the Sprout channel about doing a rainbow out of Fruit Loops so we did a little crafting while Daddy was in a meeting on Sunday.  I think somebody ate more than she glued:)

She spotted this helicopter at the grocery store the other day and begged to ride it.  As soon as I set her up there, she wanted right off!  Figures.

We are finally cleared with the Deaf School!  Ellie passed with flying colors and we have no concerns for future hearing loss.  These appointments were always easy and almost a little fun!  Still glad to have that behind us, though.  We are considering a Speech eval to have a little issue looked at, but we're not really in too big of a hurry for that.

I just had to add this video from today.  Ellie now knows her birthday!  It is so funny to hear her say it.  She also says she is "two and a half" anytime you ask her how old she is and can tell us her full name.  She keeps us laughing!

Until next time...

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