Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's official...

I am so proud of my big girl.  She has been accident free for EIGHT days.  I think we can finally say she is officially potty trained!  This is HUGE.

I am probably jinxing myself as I type, but I just had to document this and brag on her a little bit.  I also have to admit, potty training intimidated me.  This was by far the biggest challenge we have come across yet.  But she did it.  WE did it!  I am so proud of her.

Just a few tips that worked for us:

  • We started out in Pull-Ups for school in the beginning.  Pull ups are expensive!  We were going through them like diapers.  Ellie really didn't ever realize the purpose of them and I got tired of buying them so we went straight to big girl undies and haven't looked back.
  • Praise, Praise Praise!  Positive reinforcement!  
  • M&M's or some sort of treat.  Sometimes it was fruit snacks, other times it was a Popsicle.  Just make sure you reinforce the reasoning behind them getting the treat.  
  • I never made E sit on the potty until she went.  That would become a chore and a negative activity in her little stubborn mind.  I do still have to MAKE her go sometimes, especially when we leave the house, but she tells me 98% of the time now.  (I can also tell by her actions when she needs to go, too!)
  • DO NOT STRESS.  I got frustrated quite a bit.  I am impatient by nature and motherhood is still teaching me the value of patience.  The minute I let her take control and decide she was ready, it all came together.  I remember thinking on a Thursday that she would never go #2 in the potty and we'd be buying pull-ups for years.  Then that Saturday she woke up asking to potty and we have been golden ever since.  
  • Be prepared to visit every public restroom in existence.  Public restrooms gross me out.  I try to avoid them at all cost.  You can't do that with a potty training toddler.  Every store, restaurant and gas station will be visited.  I promise.  We visited 3 different gas stations between Brownsville and Greenfield last week.  That is not fun when you are alone with your 2 year old and afraid of being mugged.  Always find a safe place to stop!  
  • Don't forget, when they gotta go, THEY GOTTA GO!  
  • Be prepared to be humbled.  Motherhood in itself is humbling, but potty training takes that to a whole new level.  Ellie loves to announce her potty activities to a crowd.  (Maybe we've made it almost TOO big of a deal!).  Also be prepared for messes and helping do things you never dreamed you would do.  Isn't motherhood glamorous?
  • She LOVES her night time milk cup, so we still put her in a diaper for bed, for now.  She has woken up dry every morning though, so I think this will end when I run out of diapers!  She has to go potty every morning first thing.  I am just so proud!!
I also don't think I've ever really mentioned E's tummy problems on here.  She has always needed a little "assistance" in the potty department.  I think using the potty instead of being scared to go in a diaper is helping that least I hope.  

Sorry for all of the TMI, but I need this for my memories and to remember that this CAN be done:)

Wasn't this my baby, just yesterday??


  1. I'm your newest follower and so glad you posted this! Getting ready to start potty training my 2 year old. I know you are proud of Ellie! Its a big deal. :)

  2. Yay Ellie! And yay Mom! I'm sureI'll be looking at this post in a year or so for Hannah!

  3. Just got caught up with your last several blogs. Glad you are getting settled and liking your new life. Those pictures of Ellie are absolutely adorable! I see a future for she and Ford!!