Monday, September 3, 2012

Big Girl Room

Since the move, Ellie's sleeping has been less than stellar (to say the least).  It had come to the point that  around 11 o'clock every night (way too late for a 2 year old) we would all hop in bed together and go to sleep as a family.  Needless to say, we had to nip that little routine in the bud as soon as we could:)

So, we started sleep training all over again like we had a newborn.  There were some rough nights, but I think Ellie finally understands that we mean business and that her pretty new room is a FUN place to be!

When we moved, we converted her bed into a toddler bed.  This had its ups and downs.  Some nights were great, most were not so great.  So, we finally decided to bite the bullet and make the transition to a full size bed.  I have been gathering things as I go and have happened upon some great deals along the way.  I LOVE the way her little room turned out!  I decided to stick with her original pink and green color scheme so we could still use her rug, curtains and accessories from her original nursery.

 When I found this paisley quilt and shams at TJ Maxx, I jumped on it!  It matches her crib bedding almost exactly!

DeDe found this cute little bird lamp at Home Goods.  The night stand was my grandmothers. The picture frame was a baby gift and so was her super cute growth chart.  So glad we can still use all of this stuff!

 We moved her dresser to the opposite wall.  It fit perfectly!

The first thing this little monkey wanted to do was JUMP on her new bed.  Oh my!

 But we finally got her settled down and tucked in tight.

She had a fantastic night!  It took a while to get her settled down, but that is nothing new.  I think this is going to be the beginning of some great sleep in our house!

Just because I have been asked a lot on Twitter/Instagram, here is the break down of where everything is from:
Quilt/Shams: TJ Maxx
Polka Dot sheets: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Paisley/Green accent pillow: Home Goods
Bed Skirt: Pottery Barn Outlet
E initial pillow: Pottery Barn Kids
Bird Lamp: Home Goods

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