Saturday, April 14, 2012


Don has been on Spring Break all week and it has been FABULOUS!

Having the extra help all day and night is so nice.  Ellie has wanted nothing to do with me.  I can't change her diaper (bummer...ha!) buckle her into the car seat or put her to bed.  I will admit, I love putting her to bed so that makes me a little sad, but it is so sweet to see her love on Daddy and beg for him instead of me for a change.

We haven't done much over his break.  Ellie has been on Spring break from MDO too so we've been home a lot.  We've played outside, worked in the yard and Don has worked in Greenfield a couple of days.  Other than that, he's gotten to rest and relax!

Since his break is coming to a sad, sad end...we had a little bit of fun today.  First off, we started out bright and early at the Morgan Kelley Memorial 5K.  We served pancakes and cheered on all of the runners.  It was a fun morning!

Don and Ellie came up to visit and eat breakfast with us when Don broke the news to me that we had a house showing.  First thought...PANIC!  Second thought, relief!  We haven't had one in a while so I was thankful to hear we had some interest.  He worked in the house all morning while I was gone and did a great job.  I came home and finished up cleaning and then we headed out.  Ellie passed out in the car soon after we left so we went for a little afternoon drive.  Then we grabbed lunch and headed to the park!  Ellie could have stayed for hours.  We had a great time.

After the park, we headed to Home Depot, (our home away from home) for a few things Don needed.  We had talked about going to take Ellie to see The Lorax movie, but had some time to kill before it started.  We thought a little yogurt treat sounded good so we went to Yolo!

After Yolo, it was movie time!  Ellie did great.  She sat through the entire thing and did not get antsy or fussy one time.  The movie was super cute!

I thought the story was so sweet and just overall really good.  We are home now relaxing from a busy but fun day.  I just love my little family!

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