Monday, April 9, 2012

The rest of our weekend

**Another Picture Overload!

Saturday morning we left bright and early to head to Memphis for the BUMC egg hunt and lunch at my parents house.  Ellie hunted eggs, sat in the bunny's lap, had her face painted, crafted and decorated cookies!

 I could not believe she sat in the bunny's lap!

 Sweet girls!

  Having her face painted

 Our Youth Director, Lynn!  She wanted her picture made with her old youth and our babies.  Special picture!

After the egg hunt, we headed to DeDe's house for lunch.  Granny and Grandonna brought Ellie a basket full of fun doh included! She was thrilled!  We had a great lunch and some nice visiting.  Ellie napped and we headed home soon after.

Sunday morning was as hectic as ever.  I am always so ready for some church time after running crazy all morning.  I don't know how we will ever make it out the door on time to get anywhere if there are ever any more kids in our family!

The Easter bunny did manage to stop by Sunday morning!  Ellie got bubbles, play-doh, crayons, goldfish, a Cinderella dress, swim suit, a movie and some PJ's.  I also set out a Jesus Calling devotional book and an Eric Carle book for her to have.

 My sweet girl in her dress.  This was the best we could do!  She is SO busy and never in the mood for pictures these days.  I am kind of sad that we didn't all 3 get a family picture in our church clothes.  Oh well, there's always next year!

She stood so still and posed for a picture with her Daddy but wanted nothing to do with a picture with me!  Gee, thanks!

 We did manage to get one after church...but Nerds served as the diversion:)

I fixed lunch for us to enjoy at home before we headed to Greenfield.  It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself!

After lunch, we hit the road and headed to Greenfield!  They had a great egg hunt with tons of fun prizes!  Maw Maw gave Ellie a basket full of goodies...including big girl panties!  Granny gave pull-ups, so I guess it's time to start getting serious on potty training.  Yikes!  Any helpful tips are appreciated!

A golden egg!

We love bubbles!

We had a very full, very busy Easter weekend spent with the ones we love most!  Don is on Spring Break all exciting!

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