Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday

I already took a million pictures and we are just getting started on the weekend so thought I would go ahead and recap our Good Friday. It was a great day!  Elam's mom Kim and I had been talking forever about getting the kiddos together to play.  We tried last week when they were on spring break but we all got sick and they were in the middle of a move so we decided today would be perfect...and it was!

I thought it would be fun to turn our play date into a little Easter party with an egg hunt and a few snacks.  We were so glad baby "Henwee" and his parents got to come too!  Ellie talked for 3 days straight about "Emam" and "baby Henwee" coming over to play.

Eyeing the cookies...

They did crafts...

Sweet Henry and his Daddy
 A girl on a mission!

 The went up and down the slide a million times...
 Sweet cheeks!
 Played bubbles...

Got messy in the sand table...

More bubbles from Aunt Jenny...
 Cute cute!

They wore out the play house door bell!

Love these ladies!

Fun fun day!  We could have spent the whole day outside--it was SO nice!  We joined BB, Eric, and Mammie for dinner after the party.  Ellie played hard and was SO good.  She even ate a whole salad at dinner.  We were impressed!  We've got a big day tomorrow with DeDe, Granny and the gang!

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  1. We made those same haystacks-so good! Such precious pictures