Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Me" weekend

I feel like this past weekend was a "me" weekend.  This was probably the most time I've spent away from Ellie (and Don, for that matter) doing a few things with friends since Ellie was born.  We have left her a lot recently for weddings and such but this was the first time that I can think of that I had a weekend full of things planned that were just for me!  As a mom, it is good to get away for a night or just meet friends for dinner without kids or husbands.  Having good girlfriends is super important and I am realizing that more and more now that I am a mother.
Friday night, I traveled to Nashville to celebrate Blair's bachelorette party!  We had a blast!  Those young girls made me feel pretty old at times, but I don't think they were too embarrassed to hang out with me...ha!

We went to dinner, had an awesome hotel suite to hang out in, did a lingerie shower and had some fun in Downtown Nashville!

Saturday was Celebrate Lambuth Day at LU.  This was the last "hoorah" before the university closes on the 30th.  Hundreds of alums traveled from all over to join in on the celebrations.  It was soooo good to see friends and sorority sisters that I had not seen or talked to in forever.  It was like old times!  There was a chapel service, an auction, a picnic and a memorabilia store for all to enjoy.  It was bittersweet to be there under the circumstances but also nice to see all the people that love Lambuth as much as we do.  We really hate to see it go.
 I feel so lucky to have a super group of friends from college.  Quite a few of us have kids or babies on the way so we always have plenty to talk about.  It is good to have a little fun and leave the stress and everyday life behind for a while.  I came back feeling refreshed and ready to be a better mommy!  Of course none of this happens without a little bit of guilt on my part.  I am constantly justifying the money being spent or the quality time with my family that I am missing out on.  It didn't take me too long to realize that it is good for all of us and it's not like I do this all the time.

This is me and one of the funniest people on the planet, Cathy.  She is due with her first baby January 7th!  I can't believe that by the time her baby gets here Ellie will be almost TWO!
We went to the picnic as a family and came home pretty early for naps.  Later that night, all of the AOII girls got together for one last ritual ceremony and then a few of us went out to dinner.  Don went to a football reunion and Ellie stayed home with Mammie.  I think Don saw a bunch of old football buddies and enjoyed his time away as well.

About 3 months ago, Leigh, Jenny and I decided we wanted to re-live our teenage years and go to the New Kids on the Block/Back Street Boys concert.  I'll have to admit, I had a hard time getting excited after such a wild weekend.  Fortunately the minute we got to the Forum and I saw those boys on stage...my mood changed!  I am a total teeny bopper at heart and have countless boy band fascination stories.  I am SO glad we went!

Overall, I feel very thankful for such a fun and busy weekend.  I am grateful to my parents for letting Ellie spend the night Friday, for Don taking her on a dinner "date" while I was at the concert, and to his grandmother that kept her for us Saturday.  It is never a problem asking someone to babysit but  I never take any help or support for granted.  We couldn't do any of it without our wonderful families!

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