Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I am sure by now you all think we are crazy.  It seems like we have been going non-stop every weekend and this one was no exception.  I'll have to do a recap another time when I have the energy!

I just wanted to wish my Dad and Don a very Happy Father's day!  They are 2 examples of wonderful, loving father's that love their little girls:)  I am soooo thankful for both of them!

My Dad...the work-horse, the neat freak. He might be hard of hearing and a tad bit impatient (LOL)... but he would do anything at the drop of a hat for us.  When I turned 16, he would wash my car, take it for an oil change and fill it up with gas for me just to be nice.  At the time, I didn't think a thing about it and maybe took it for granted.  Now looking back, I think that was just the sweetest thing ever!  It's totally the little things like that I really appreciate now that I am older.

Don, this may sound crazy but I knew the minute I saw you with our dog Minnie I knew that you would be a great Daddy someday!  You may be a big, tough football guy...but inside you are nothing but a huge teddy bear. I know how bad you want a son to carry on the family name, but I am pretty sure having a little girl has changed you forever.  Ellie is a Daddy's girl through and through and I absolutely LOVE seeing how she lights up when you walk in the door every afternoon.  Thank you for loving us and working so hard to keep us going.  You really are the rock and leader in our home and for that I am so thankful.
(After all, we know how crazy and emotional I am so you really have no choice...HA!)

Because of our busy weekend, I was slacking in the gift department.  Don's only request was to go to breakfast before church (since he had to work that afternoon), but we were so tired from the last 2 days that we didn't make it.  So after Don went to work, Ellie and I got busy making him a card!  She had a great time coloring and he loved his card.

He also got a new shirt since half of his wardrobe seems to be LU football polos.  Time to clean out the closet, I guess!
Since Don is working all afternoon and my Daddy is at home we won't see much of them, but that doesn't mean we won't be thinking of them all day!  We love you both!

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