Friday, January 30, 2015

Visiting Santa

We managed to visit Santa Claus two times this year.  The first visit was at Bass Pro Shop on Black Friday.  I pretty much knew Miller was at the age where Santa was the scariest man on earth.  My favorite Santa picture of Ellie is when she was almost two and we can't even see Santa's face because her entire arm is covering him!  This may sound awful but I secretly love a screaming Santa picture.  Memories for sure!

Miller really surprised me and did not cry this first time!  He has a petrified blank stare on his face and did not sit long, but long enough to snap a picture.  I thought it turned out precious and the Santa at Bass Pro was great!

We went up to the Greenfield Bank a couple of weeks later and tried again.  I think we have a winner this time!

 Miller says:  I will high five you all day long but I do not want to sit in your lap!

Of course Miss Priss was all about Santa and made sure to tell him all about the American Girl Spa chair she was asking for.
We survived both visits and pray Miller likes the jolly old elf a little better next year.  Bless his heart!

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