Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Miller Man

Oh Miller.  Where do I begin?  First of all, you are 20 months old!  How can that be?  You are now closer to two than one, and that is just so hard for me to believe.  You are a sweet sweet sweet boy.  You LOVE your mommy.  But you love daddy and sissy too!  You talk up a storm.  We are constantly amazed at how many words you know and how well you talk.  I honestly did not expect you to be a big talker for a few reasons.  First...you sister never stops talking and I figured you'd never get a word in.  Second, you're a boy and I just assumed you would be a little slower.  This was such a pleasant surprise because I absolutely love your sweet little voice!  You eat just like your sister now...unfortunately.  Once again, it is very frustrating but I am trying to be patient and keep introducing you new and different foods.

You are MOODY and have quite the temper.  You have this head banging thing when you are tired or frustrated and you still throw food and cups when you are mad or finished eating.  You are sleeping better and nap once a day.  You are the best little cuddler and love to be held.  You love Barney just like sissy did (does) and Thomas the Train.  You are obsessed with any type of ball, trains, cars, trucks and blocks.  You play great with all of your toys and are becoming more and more independent each and every day.

You got your first haircut last week on your 20 month birthday.  I had to hold back the tears!  I knew you were waaaay overdue, but it was still hard!  Now I love your little hair and do think it looks so much better.

You love to snuggle.  My favorite time of day with you is early in the morning before sissy is awake.  You just lay so still and quiet with me while you drink your milk and watch baby class.  I hope you want to snuggle like this forever!
Even though I am still trying, you don't really have the word "walk" in your category right now.  All you do is RUN!  It stresses me out at times because I am always so afraid you are going to hurt yourself, but you are getting more cautious about places and furniture that you know could hurt you.
Like I said before, your eating is less than great but I know that's mostly because of your age.  You do love fruit--strawberries, blueberries, apples and sometimes bananas.  You love string cheese, yogurt, smoothies, crackers, pretzels, yogurt and cottage cheese.  Oh, and FRUIT SNACKS.  You have a mild obsession with them.  You ask for the first thing each morning.  Crazy boy!

We love you so much sweet boy and cannot imagine our family without you in it.

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