Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 months

I am actually on time with a monthly post!

Sweet baby Miller, you are TEN MONTHS OLD.

How did that happen?  Each month seems to go quicker than the last, but we really have enjoyed this last month with you so much!  You have really come even more alive, and have discovered so many new "tricks".  You are one busy little boy and we cannot take our eyes off of you for a second!  You can scale the stairs in no time and make it down the hall to may bathroom before I even have time to figure out you were gone!  You keep us on our toes, that's for sure.

You take 2 great naps a day, still.  Praise the Lord.  We both need that time!  You go to bed between 7-8, depending on your afternoon nap time.  You usually wake around 7 but this week you have been up around 6.  Not sure why!  You still are up once, sometimes twice in the night.  Sometimes I go in there, other times you put yourself back to sleep.  It's always a toss up.  I've given up on  you sleeping through the night by your first birthday.  I'll be happy if you are by your second!

You are crawling, pulling up, and into every drawer and cabinet in the house.  You have FIVE teeth and still eat great!  Every time I feed you I cannot believe you are hungry again but you devour everything we offer.  You eat a good mix of table and baby foods and are pretty much down to 3 bottles a day.

We did endure the nasty stomach virus this week, and you were pitiful.  I felt so helpless watching you and holding you.  It was so sad but  I am now glad we have that behind us.  You just can't catch a break when it comes to germs!

Your smile is infectious and your cheeks and legs are so squishy I could just eat you up!  You are a big momma's boy and I love it.  You are so sweet and cuddly and will just lay your head on my shoulder on sit so still on the couch with me that I just melt.  You are one sweet little baby.

Happy 10 months sweet boy!!!

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