Friday, February 28, 2014

A little catch up

Just a few recent pictures I'd like to blog for my memories!

Ellie was acting like such a lady at her 4 year check up and weighed in at 42 pounds, healthy as a horse!

I turned 31 over a fully "snowed in" week!  We were bored to tears, so Ellie and I baked a birthday cake!  She came up with the 3-1 candles.  Sweet girl!

My valentines.  I could just eat them up.  And how old does Ellie look here?  Makes me so sad.

DeDe and Peeeps gave Ellie tickets to Disney Jr. Live for her birthday and I got to tag along!  It was a fun girls afternoon!

I'm sorry, but to me there is NOTHING sweeter than a baby boy dressed like a BABY in his pale blue and knee socks, nothing!

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