Monday, March 24, 2014

Around here lately

We've had a lot of fun lately.  Time for a little recap!

Ellie and I have enjoyed a few nights of girl time this past week.  It was pageant week in Greenfield and we managed to sneak out of the house for 2 nights of fun!  I think Ellie has been bitten by the "pageant bug" but I am hoping to hold off for a little longer.  

T-ball has begun in our house!  We have all of our equipment (pink of course!) and are practicing 3 days a week.  T-ball in Greenfield is serious business.  I had no idea!

We of course had to buy Frozen when it came out on DVD last week.  Ellie walks around singing the songs non-stop and I even found her wearing gloves just like Elsa does in the movie this morning.  We are Frozen obsessed around here.

Three out of the four of us had the dreaded stomach virus last week.  It was miserable.  So glad it is a short lived virus.  Lysol all around!

Yesterday Ellie, BB, Mammie, and I all went to see the Peter Pan ballet.  It was a fun girls afternoon!  Ellie asked tons of questions throughout the show and on the way home.  Her little mind NEVER stops.

Dance pictures and the recital are just around the corner and I am starting to think about Miller's first birthday party.  Crazy to me that May, his birthday and summer are just around the corner.  Time sure does fly!

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