Monday, November 4, 2013


Once again, no time for the poor blog!  Excuse this random catch-all post...I at least want to attempt to document a few things we've had going on.  As usual, our life is a constant GO GO GO.  We have pretty much been quarantined at home with all of Miller's illnesses but we have still stayed busy in between those times.

Football season is officially over for us.  After an almost nervous breakdown at the last game, I can't say I'm that sad we will have a break from the Friday Night Lights.

We had lots of Halloween fun this past week.  Ellie and Miller went as a football player and cheerleader.  I guess E was over being a cheerleader by the time our last Halloween event rolled around because she decided she was going to be Snow White.  A girl needs options!

Before church yesterday...pretty girl!

We went to our buddy Elam's 4th Annual Halloween party and had a great time, as usual!

Sweet little pumpkins before church last week.

Miller had ear tubes put in last week.  Bless his heart...this hospital gown about broke my heart!  He has been such a trooper lately and seems to feel MUCH better already!

Daddy carved Ellie a cat pumpkin this year.  She loved it!
 Me and my girl before Trick or Treating.  Trying to stop and enjoy these crazy times!

Karen was so sweet to offer to take Ellie to the basketball games with her on Saturday.  Ellie had a great time and felt so big riding to eat afterwards with Matti.  Sweet girls!

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