Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fire Prevention

Every year in October, Greenfield hosts their annual Fire Prevention Festival.  It is a week full of spaghetti suppers, carnivals, a parade, and so much more.  Mrs. Carla (Ellie's babysitter) arranges for the Fire Chief, the fire trucks and Fire Pup to visit her house during Fire Prevention week.  All of the kids wore matching shirts and had a fun day of fire truck rides!  I stayed home with Miller but Mrs. Carla and Ella's mom were sweet enough to take pictures and send them to me.

I had Miller a shirt made before he got sick.  He of course had to wear it too even though we stayed home!

RSV?  What RSV??  Sweet baby.

DeDe came up Saturday morning and stayed with Miller while we took Ellie to the carnival. parade and reunion.
We even managed to sneak out on a little "date" Saturday night.  Thank you DeDe!

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