Friday, October 18, 2013

DeDe to the rescue

This is SO me.  Ha ha!!!  Poor DeDe must have heard the cry for help in my voice last week.  She came back for 4 more days to help.  We welcomed her with open arms!

While she was here we broke out the doorway jumper.  Thank goodness Miller is a fan!
(and big sis is never far away from him...she couldn't miss out on a big even like "first time jumping"!)

She and Ellie also made the cutest Halloween cupcakes while she was here.  Ellie loves to be a kitchen helper.

Don was on Fall break while she was here and let the team have Monday off.  We took advantage and took Ellie to Jackson to shop, eat and run a few errands.  We had fun!!!

She sadly left Tuesday afternoon but took Ellie home with her!  She is finishing out her "fall break" (no dance, church or Awana) with Peeps and DeDe.  I can tell from these pictures that she isn't having any fun AT ALL. Ha!
Thank you DeDe for always running to our rescue and loving my babies!!!

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