Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Evie visits Greenfield

Last weekend Uncle Matt, Aunt Rachel and baby Evie came to visit us!  We had the BEST time with them!  Although our house looked like a Babies-R-Us bomb had exploded everywhere, we enjoyed their company and letting the babies hang out together.  Ellie loved having them as well and handled the chaos and attention that 2 babies need very well.  I am just SO proud of her!!

I still can't believe we had babies exactly 2 weeks apart.

We of course had to have a photo shoot of them in matching outfits.

We grilled dinner Friday night, the boys golfed Saturday, and we headed out to eat Mexican and ice cream Saturday night.  We also managed to take LOTS of pictures and makes tons of memories.  I am so glad they made the effort to come all the way here to spend time with us!!!

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