Monday, June 10, 2013

Life with Two...

Now that we have been home for a couple of weeks, we are finally starting to establish a little bit of a routine.  Adding a new baby is a huge adjustment for any family, ours included. I was nervous how it would all go...especially with Ellie, but I feel like it has gone very smoothly.  She could not love him more and has not shown one bit of jealousy towards him at all.  Her volume level on the other hand has increased tremendously but we are learning how to handle that.  She does love one on one time with each of us and I try my best every day to give that to her.  She has handled all of the changes like a champ.  So, so proud of her.

We had a lot going on the first week or so of Miller's life.  Things that forced us to "just keep swimming" and go along with our daily lives as usual.    As hard as it was a times, I am proud of us!  Having Don home has been the biggest blessing.  He bathes Ellie, takes her fishing or they run errands together.  They also get lots of outdoor playtime.  I think if he was still in school I would have gone crazy long ago:)

We have had lots of help and yummy food brought to us thanks to sweet family and friends.  Ellie is still going to her sitter twice a week and thank goodness for VBS!  I  think she will attend every church's VBS she can this summer.  She loves to craft and sing:)

Life with 2 kids is always busy, always LOUD, always chaotic.  But there is more to kiss, more to snuggle, more laundry and more to LOVE!!!  I thank God everyday for trusting us to raise these two beautiful babies.  I definitely feel unworthy to be given such a precious gift.

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