Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Big Sis" Weekend

Since Don has been on Spring Break and my traveling days are becoming numbered, we decided to take a little trip to St. Louis to do a few fun things before baby brother arrives.

We had the BEST time and I am so glad we were able to get away for a couple of days!  We pretty much did everything centered around Ellie's interests, but we had lots of fun and enjoyed our time just the three of us.

On our way up, we had to stop at the home of the "Throwed Rolls" and eat at Lambert's Cafe.  It never disappoints and I am pretty sure Ellie ate her weight in fried okra.  This girl doesn't eat much, but she LOVES fried okra.

Our first stop once we were in St. Louis was the AMERICAN GIRL STORE!!  I don't know who was more or Ellie.  It was little girl heaven.  She dragged me all over that store for over an hour and kept saying "let's shop some more Momma!".  Don just stood there shaking his head and checking the price tags.  Ha!!

Caroline's hair was in desperate need of a new do, so that was our first stop.  Ellie of course chose the "princess package" complete with tiara.  

We managed to make it out of there with a new outfit for Caroline, a replacement pair of glasses for Molly, a matching set of bitty baby pj's for E and a set of Caroline paper dolls.  I'd say this little girl had a BIG time!

 She insisted on carrying Caroline AND her shopping bag all by herself.  Such a big girl.

 We had planned on having lunch at the AG Bistro but there was a 90 minute wait.  So we walked next door to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Caroline came too, of course!

The AG store was connected to a great mall, and we couldn't go all the way to St. Louis without doing some shopping!  We also managed to ride the carousel and do the spider jump.  I still can't believe she did it!

Poor girl was worn out so we headed back to the hotel to rest.  

Our hotel was great and full of kids!  I am glad we packed her swimsuit last minute.  It was the perfect thing to do that night.  And for the record, I have nothing to do with the poses she has been coming up with lately. They are all her own.  Can we say MESS????

The next day took our time getting ready and made our way over to the Magic House Children's Museum.  We stayed over 3 hours and had a great time!

Future President?

She could have scooped ice cream for HOURS!

After Magic House, Don indulged me in a few more stores:)  Then we ate lunch, had a fro-yo treat, and headed home!

Nothing makes me happier than to spend quality time with these two!  I cannot believe we will soon be a family of four.  Ellie will always be my baby and I wanted to do something special for her before her little world is rocked upside down.  We cannot wait for Miller to be here but I am starting to feel a little sad about her "only child" days coming to an end.  I know she will be just fine and this is totally normal so I am glad we got to have a special weekend with just her!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I did not realize that St. Louis had an American Girl store-so much fun!