Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girls night in

Don headed to Jonesboro, Arkansas last night to see some former colleagues and watch the Arkansas State/Florida International game.  He had sideline passes and was even spotted on ESPN!

Since he was gone all night, I decided Ellie and I needed to have a little fun too! We did what any normal girls would do on a girls!  All kidding aside, we ate tomato basil pizza and baked Halloween cookies.  Ellie loved being my little assistant in the kitchen!

DeDe brought over a few Halloween goodies and included some Halloween cookie cutters.  It's pretty hard to tell what our cookies are supposed to be, but oh well.  I even let Ellie be in charge of BLACK sprinkles.  They were everywhere after we finished!

We had bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and tombstones.  Can't you tell?!?  Ellie got a little "sprinkle happy" on a few of the cookies!

Enjoying the fruits of her labor:)

It was a fun girls night with the sweetest little girl I know!  It was nice to just relax and play with her after being gone all weekend and working like crazy the past few days.


  1. So fun! Just reminds me that I need to do this with Morgan.

  2. Yes--I'm still stalking this cutie pie! Cute, cute, cute!