Monday, August 15, 2011

It's so hard to say goodbye

Or at least I thought it would be!

I got a wild hair this morning to send all of Ellie's paci's off to the "paci fairy", (aka garbage man).  I told myself from day one that 18 months would be our limit on the pacifier.  Well, she's almost 19 months and I was starting to wonder if that thing would ever go anywhere. So I gathered them up, put them in a bag, tied it up and told Ellie to say goodbye to the "pap pap".

This part wasn't so easy.  She is pretty attached to these things and never really had a preference on what type she would take.  Any old paci would do!  

There were some tears and a little anger for MAYBE five minutes.  But she hasn't asked for one since!  She took a great 2 hour nap this afternoon with only a slight whimper and went straight to bed tonight without a single fuss.  Such a big girl!  I think that's the sign that she didn't need that thing anymore, anyway!

Outta sight, outta mind!


  1. She is so precious! Paci's are always hard to get rid of.

    xox tiffany @

  2. Oh my goodness was it really that easy?! I have an addict over here and I'm worried this paci is going to go to college with her! ha!

  3. Im also saying is it really that easy? Our little girl is almost 15 mths old and we still need to take hers away soon.

  4. It was SO easy. I am actually still in shock at how easy it was. She did ask for it this morning, but I just ignored it. She has also been a little bit whiney/fussy but I hope that will pass. Good luck!