Monday, August 29, 2011

19 months!

Ellie, you are 19 months old!  I feel like I JUST wrote your 18 month post.  Where did this month go?

  • You have now been paci free for TWO weeks!  That was the easiest transition ever and I am so proud of you!
  • You are eating really well these days.  Your "fruit of the week"  is strawberries.  You go back and forth between, grapes, mandarin oranges and strawberries right now.  You still love that mac-n-cheese most of all!  Chicken, yogurt, and spaghetti top the list as well.
  • Potty training is off and on.  I think it was a fluke that you actually went in the potty, but I am not complaining!  We are still sitting on the potty every night at bath time.
  • You play SO well, all the time.  You are constantly busy playing with books, puzzles, blocks and babies.
  • Barney is still King!  You take him everywhere with you and are always asking to watch Barney in the car and at home.  Thank goodness for DVR!

  • You are a happy, happy girl!  You rarely cry or fuss...only when you are tired or really want something.  You wake up happy every morning and are just a content sweet thing.
  • You LOVE animals.  We went to the safari park this weekend and had a blast!
  • You have had a great year at MDO this year.  You walk right in and don't look back every morning.  I love how happy you are to be there!

  • You still love to give hugs and kisses and you wave, clap and blow kisses constantly.
  • Your talking has really taken off since you have become paci free.  You pick up new words everyday.
  • You are so good at pointing out animals, objects and pictures in your books.  You remember things so fast!
  • You have had a pretty bad rash on your face and Dr. Amy said it was dermatitis.  Thankfully it is much better thanks to a prescription cream and new sippy cups.  I am afraid they were the culprit!
  • You have also had a sinus infection this week.  You almost had no voice yesterday and a pretty bad bloody nose.  I felt so bad for you!  You don't act like it bothers you a bit:)

You are just too sweet for words and we love you more each day!  I cannot believe you are 19 months old!

** All photos courtesy of Amber Fortner Photography**


  1. Such a sweet post. You are one sweet momma!

  2. So sweet! The pictures are wonderful! :)

  3. Those pictures are too cute for words!