Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ellie is 18 months old!

I am finally back with a post All About Ellie!  I feel like it's been a while.

So what has Ellie been up to?

I guess the biggest news we have is that we are the proud new owners of a potty!  Ellie has been telling me for the last 2 weeks that she had to "shoo shoo" (our word for #2...ha!) and I was getting very excited about the thought of an easy trainer.  She has been telling us forever that she was dirty and would run back to her room for me to change her.  Unfortunately, a little bit of teething and some ugly molars showed up and ruined those plans, but she is taking more and more interest in the potty every day.  I am not going to push this.  I have always heard that they will do it in their own time, so I am going to try and be patient.

These pictures crack me up.  She insisted on wearing her new hat from DeDe while we practiced sitting on the potty.  The little turkey stood up and went to the bathroom all over the carpet right after I took these!

Other than the potty, here are some more Ellie fun facts:

  • Right now, you are eating pretty well, but that is SO unpredictable.  I never know from one meal to the next what you will eat and what you won't.  Totally normal according to Dr. Amy!
  • You weigh 29 pounds, so you are not starving!  You have become quite the load to carry!
  • Size 5 shoe
  • Size 4 diaper (after this box, we will go up to a 5!) 
  • Size 18 month clothes.  I plan on going 24 month to a 2T for fall and winter
  • Down to one solid nap a day...right after lunch time.  It is almost always exactly 2 hours long.
  • Barney rules your world.  You are definitely obsessed and go into a trance the minute he comes on.  I am just praying I don't have to have a Barney 2nd birthday party!  (I'm kidding...kinda).
  • You are a whiz at your Melissa and Doug puzzles.  Good thing you have about 10 because you have already mastered 3 and are getting bored with them.  Puzzles are definitely your favorite toy right now.
  • You are still talking non-stop and catching on to a few new words every day
  • You LOVE bath time and rubbing in your lotion while we get dressed
  • I moved bedtime up from 8:30 to 8 and ever since, you have been sleeping GREAT!  You had one rough night last week, but we had to wake you up for church this morning.  I am loving it!!!
  • You moved up to the big toddler class in church this morning and start MDO this week!  I am excited for the both of us to get back in to our routine.
  • You are funnier, sweeter, and wilder than last month.  I can't believe what a big girl you are!

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  1. That crochet hat is so cute!!!
    And her and Nyla are in the same size clothes and diapers and shoes (Nyla is almost in a size 5).
    Our girls are getting too big too fast!