Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photoshoot and Ellie's closet

I knew when I found out we were having a girl that it meant bad news for all involved. I am jealous of Ellie's closet and she is only 4 weeks old. It is ridiculous, but I am just so thankful because we are so blessed. I have shopped quite a bit myself but for the most part we have been given the majority of what she has. For example, the day after we found out it was a girl, my sweet grandparents went out shopping and came back with half of the store! And my BFF (AKA Aunt Jenny) loves to shop so we get lots of cute stuff from her as well, although I told her it is time to STOP! Most children have the amount of stuff my grandparents bought all together, but not Ellie! We change clothes about 4 times a day. Mostly because she is a MAJOR spitter, but also because I am afraid she is going to outgrow the smaller clothes before she can wear them all. Pitiful I say! So in honor of her stylish wardrobe and just because I have turned into that mother that poses her 4 week old and dresses her up just to stare at her, we had a little photoshoot on Monday. We are having professional newborn pics taken tomorrow afternoon, but having an iPhone is just so convenient. The quality isn't as great, but it makes it so easy to upload to Facebook and email over to the grandparents. If I can ever get her closet presentable and organized, I will snap a picture of it too. Don likes to joke that we have a blanket for everyday of the week, but really I think we could go 2 weeks and use a new blanket and use a different burp cloth for each feeding for about 4 or 5 days! Enjoy the photoshoot...I love some of the faces she makes!

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