Monday, April 28, 2014

Craziest weekend ever

Life is crazy fun!  We've got lots going on these days so I thought I'd do a little update.

And let me just say...I am still learning to be a more flexible "fly by the seat of my pants" type of person.  It's still just hard right now with a high maintenance very scheduled 11 month old that NEEDS his rest and routine.  We ran both kids ragged this weekend.  We are actually thankful for a fairly restful week ahead!

Friday night was t-ball!  7 o'clock games are hard on a baby that is usually bed by 7:30 but we survived!

After t-ball we snuck into Prom to see all the big kids dressed up.  Ellie thought she was SO big and even posed for a few pictures!

Saturday morning we had t-ball pictures bright and early then TWO games afterwards.  I had to take Miller home to nap so I missed both, but we've got plenty more ahead of us!  Ellie played well but was soooo tired when they finally got home.

Miller took a THREE HOUR NAP that morning and woke up so sweet and happy!

Later that afternoon we went to the cutest Princess party for our friend Kensie!  Ellie was in heaven.

Saturday night Don and I managed to sneak out to dinner KID FREE!  Much needed.  No pics to document the occasion, but I promise it happened!

Sunday morning, my matching green babies.  Love it!

Sunday afternoon right after church Ellie and I rushed to McKenzie because she had dance pictures!  My pretty little ballerina.  Love her so much!

We are planning on having Miller's party outside so we've begun working on a few outdoor projects.  Don just finished painting our carport and patio and it looks SO much better!

I'm tired just re-living all the craziness!  Looking at our calendar, it doesn't seem like things are slowing down anytime soon.  

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