Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend in Oxford

When Don coached at Lambuth, he had the incredible opportunity to learn and coach under Hugh Freeze.  Coach Freeze left LU a few years back and went on to become the head coach at Arkansas State.  After 2 successful years at ASU, he was hired to be the new head coach at Ole Miss!  I know this is such a dream for him and his family and we are so happy for them.  You will not meet a more down to earth, generous, good Christian family than the Freeze's.  I am proud to say we know them and even prouder that they are now living their dream down in Oxford!

We both knew the minute he was hired that we wanted to attend at least one game this season.  This past weekend, we had to opportunity to go!  It also just so happened that this Saturday was Don's 31st birthday. I can't think of anything he would rather do than spend it watching one of his mentors coach in an SEC football game.  I have to admit, I was just as excited about being there as he was.  It was quite the experience!

I think one of the neatest parts about Freeze now being at Ole Miss is that he took quite a few of his Lambuth coaches with him down to Oxford.  We got to visit with all of the former LU coaches and their families.  It was such a treat!  None of them have changed one bit.  Their kids are a lot taller but just as sweet as ever.  They were so happy to see us and made our experience one to remember.

Thanks to the Team Chaplain, John Powell, we had all access passes pre and post game.  We were able to hang out in the "IPF" (indoor practice facility) before the game with many recruits, families and boosters.  We toured the facilities and talked with many of the coaches and their families (including Coach Freeze) before the game.  After the IPF, we were escorted down to the field to watch the team warm up. This was awesome!

 He was in heaven!  I was a little star struck.  Ha!

It was cold, wet and windy!  Thankfully we were moved to 3rd row seats with the coaches families during the second half.  It wasn't nearly as cold or windy down low.  We had a great time, despite the heartbreaking loss.

It was a great weekend away!  We wish we could go every week now.  We just might try, who knows!  Hotty Toddy!


  1. Awww looks like fun! So cool that Don knows him and coached under him.

  2. Oxford is quite the place isn't it?! So glad that y'all had a great time!! We'll have to get together and go to a game next season!! :)