Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Week

It has been a full week of events and activities.  I thought I would post a few phone pictures to keep everyone in the loop!

Most of my schools are on fall break this week so I have been working from home.  We had a PJ day on Monday to recover from our busy weekend.  Ellie has this little doodle book that she loves.  She was working on her stenciling skills!

 We did get out Tuesday to run a few errands.  It always feels good to get dressed and out of the house!  This sweet thing passed out so I just went for a drive.  I didn't want to risk waking her so we just sat in the driveway and let her finish her cat nap.

Tuesday night Don's school held a big Harvest Carnival.  We got to help with the Ring Toss game until he got out of practice.  We were excited to break out the fall outfits!  Ellie had a big time and came home on sugar overload.

 I ordered this bow from Love from Texas.  She did a great job and we've gotten tons of compliments!  She is still taking orders on her blog.

Wednesday morning were the fire truck rides at Mrs. Carla's.  That night, we went to eat a BBQ sandwich and let Ellie ride a few of the carnival rides they have set up.  It was chilly but she had a ball.   She kept saying "Mommy, I had great fun!"  The smiles were worth it all!

Ellie has figured out how to work my camera phone.  You should see all of the videos and pictures of random things she has taken.  This is one of her best works so far!  Ha!

Don's team played last night since they are on Fall Break today.  DeDe, Peeps and Matt came to the game!  Ellie was so excited they were there. They took her home with them for the weekend so Don and I are looking forward to dinner and a movie tonight!

This girl is wearing me out.  She doesn't really nap anymore and the 2-year old attitude has begun to rear its ugly head.  She still has plenty of sweet moments but her mouth is really getting her in trouble lately.  Lord, help me when the teen years get here.  

This was her last night 3 minutes before we were to leave for Don's game.  Proof she still needs that afternoon nap!

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