Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick update

Ellie is getting SO big.  I feel like I haven't updated on her in forever, so here is a quick one to hold everyone over!

First off, we are full on potty training!  Her teachers at MDO asked if they could start taking her potty with a couple other little girls in her class.  I OF COURSE said suuuure!  This has been the biggest help.  I knew she was ready, but I was just putting it off.  I know watching the other kids do it is what made it "click" for her.  She is doing SO well and we are so proud.  Yes, it is exhausting  and YES my laundry loads have increased even more, but it was time and I am pleased with how easy it has been.  Miss smarty pants now loves to go potty EVERYWHERE.  Target, restaurants, you name it.  She's also figured out she can prolong naps/bedtime by saying "I'm wet" "gotta go potty!".  Stinker:)

She talks away like a little magpie.  Her newest phrases:

  • "Mommy, where you are? where you are?"
  • "I'm a girl, I'm Ellie"
  • "Hey! What's your name?"
  • "I can do it by myself"
  • "I'm not tired, no nap!"
  • "No, I don't want it!" (we hear this and "I can't" waaaaaay too often)
  • "That's gross" (my fault)
  • "Oh my gosh!" (once again, my fault! but she knows it's not nice so she quickly changes to "oh my goodness!")
  • "I go to school and play with my friends?" 
  • "Can we go to the park, playground, "chick-away", storytime, Sonic drink"?  Yes, she's rotten.
The other night during her bedtime prayers, she thanked God for our entire family (naming each one!) and then thanked Him for Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Bootie.  Too cute:)

My favorite way to describe her right now is that she is just very TWO.  She doesn't throw many fits, but she is definitely strong willed.  She will collapse in the middle of a store or parking lot and just refuse to walk.  Time out is still a work in progress.  She is into spitting everything out right now and it  She has also started getting a few spankings here and there (more like gentle slaps on the leg).  It hurts me to do it and I don't know how much it is helping but she NEEDS discipline.  Any tips in that department are welcome!

Still loves books, princesses, Dora, Barney, Caillou and Bubble Guppies.  She is really into "pretty hair", "pretty dress" "pretty bow".  It melts my heart when she says "mommy your shirt is so pretty or "your hair looks pretty!"  Even this morning with no make up and an Orange Beach t-shirt she told me my shirt was "so pretty, I love the colors in your shirt!".  She is also forming an opinion on colors and kinds of shoes she wears and what color bow matches the best.  I guess she IS my child!

Her eating habits still aren't the greatest but they have probably improved somewhat.  She has had entirely too many fruit snacks and cups of chocolate milk during this whole potty training process.  Whatever works, right?

She's our sweet, funny, loving little stinker!  I just can't get enough of her and her little personality.  I could just eat her up!


  1. she is way too cute!! her and my E sound so much alike!

  2. Tantrums, timeouts and see spankings... see Parenting by the Book by John Rosemond. He's a Christian psychologist and he's wonderful! We're big fans of his. My dad teaches from them and wishes he had them when Erin and I were younger. They're SO informative and right on!