Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorable Weekend

We had a full weekend!  I fell asleep sitting up in the chair earlier which NEVER happens...I guess that means I am still recuperating from all of the fun we had!

Our weekend started off with a play date at Elam's house!  Ellie loved his trampoline and would have stayed all day to jump if I would have let her.  Kim had lunch for us and we got to tour their new house.  It was a fun day!

Later on we let Ellie swim and then we headed to Nankipoo for Aunt Aileen's 94th birthday party.  It was almost like a family reunion...lots of fun!  I hope I look this good when I am 94.

 Ellie colored and played with her new Slinky that Granny brought.  She was really good for just a short car nap on the drive down.
Ellie was having so much fun with DeDe and Granny that she practically begged to go home with them.  They of course said SURE so Don and I loaded up her carseat and off she went home with them!  She had no clothes and just a few diapers but I am sure they made do.  I know everyone enjoyed their time with her and we appreciate them letting her stay!

Whenever Ellie is gone we always wonder what to to do with ourselves, although we never have much trouble coming up with something.  We went to dinner Saturday night and headed to the lake for some fun on Sunday.  We really enjoyed our mini-vacation after the crazy few weeks we have had.

We have lots of house showings this week so we have been busy cleaning and trying to keep the house in order.  We have practically lived outside lately (which is nice, keeps the inside somewhat in shape) and tonight we let Ellie swim again.  She was really being a ham so I broke out my camera and took a few pictures.  She is such a funny, silly girl!

She's going to hate me for this one...

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

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  1. Hi Emily!
    I randomly stumbled upon your blog looking through a Kelly's Korner SUYL post and I saw the name "ellie" and had to click! I have an Ellie too--and from my brief glimpse they have lots of similarities. Our Ellie started off in the NICU too--and I seem to share the same obsession with clothes as you do :) Random--but if you ever want to sell your monogrammed clothes with "Ellie" or "E"--you have a buyer! I'm sure you're saving most in case you have another baby girl but just wanted you to know :) Glad I found you!