Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Running out of room!

With a recipe shower, a tea, couples shower, lingerie shower, handyman shower, bridal shower, and a wedding...needless to say we are over run with wedding gifts. I am not complaining one bit about being so lucky to have received SO many wedding gifts, but we simply do not have the room for all of them! Don has officially moved in to my 3 bedroom house (built in 1956) and unfortunately older homes do not come with the closet space as homes do now. Luckily having all of this nice new stuff has prompted me to clean out everywhere! I started in the kitchen and pretty much got rid of everything. I sent about 6 boxes full of kitchen utensils, pots and pans, silverware and small appliances to my parents storage building for my brother to have (whenever the day does come) for him to move out!

I was so proud to have that much done that I kept going. I went through clothes and did piles of laundry. I sorted through and found more to give to Goodwill. I swear Don has just as much if not more clothes than I do! The t-shirts he has alone are just ridiculous! He bought 2 new t-shirts while we were in Jamaica and I told him if he bought 2, then he had to get rid of 4 when we got home. That still hasn't happened. I am tempted to go through his dresser one day and clean them out myself. I promise he probably would never notice!

After feeling so productive and getting the house halfway back in order, Matt and Rachel come to visit last weekend! They were our first guests since we had been home from the honeymoon and we had a great time. I really enjoyed cooking for them and using all of our nice new stuff! I love my everyday dishes we registered for at Babcock's gifts, we also used our new stemware and flatware as well as a new salad bowl. I am much more particular about all of our new things now that we have nicer stuff. Before I didn't care as much because it was just your basic stuff to get by.
Now there's just one more problem, I have all of this china and crystal...but no china cabinet! Guess we should add that to our wish list:)

You want to know the other downfall to receiving so many gifts?...The thank you notes.

Guess I better get on that instead of this blog:)

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  1. That's what I did yesterday. My problem is that I kept every box, gift bag, tissue paper, etc. Don't do that or you'll be me one year from now! :)