Friday, May 23, 2014

Miller's First Birthday (setting up and the guests)

We had mostly family and a few friends attend the party.  It was laid back and so nice being outside in the fresh air.

We put everyone to work all morning long.  Here is Don and Peeps blowing up balloons.  They were such troopers and did anything I asked.

Don and Mammie scooping out salads.

Peeps grilled hot dogs for us.

 We loved having Matt, Rachel and Evie here for the weekend.  Sadly Rachel did not make it into a single picture!
 DeDe stayed pretty busy entertaining the babies and keeping them fed, happy and rested.  She pushed Miller in his car the morning of the party for hours in her PJ's!

The birthday boy and PawPaw.

Sweet cousins had fun playing outside!

The whole crew.

We are thankful for everyone that came and celebrated with us.  We of course missed Granny and Grandonna but glad they are home resting and taking care of themselves!

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