Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nice weekend

We had the best long weekend!  Not much on the agenda, and lots of rest and family time.

Sweetness before church.

27 Weeks!  I head back to the doc next week for an ultrasound and glucose test.  It's flying by and I have still done NOTHING to prepare for this poor child.  It will get done, I hope.

Ellie insisted that we walk to church.  This was just too sweet not to snap.

She also surprised us by writing her name yesterday!  Out of the blue, instead of telling a little girl her name at a restaurant, she just came out and wrote it down.  We were shocked but very impressed!  We clearly still need to work on our lower case "e".

Since we were both off yesterday, I asked Ellie what she wanted to do.  All she said was "go to the store and get groceries".  Poor thing got her wish.  She even said "mommy, I just love Wal-Mart".  We really need to get her out more!

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