Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting Settled

I guess I need to back up a minute and give a quick recap on all that has been going on before I talk about "getting settled".

Around the first of June, we found a tenant to rent our house in Jackson.  Time was running out and our planned date of being moved to Greenfield was fast approaching.  We were starting to panic that we would not have a place to live or have our house sold, so we told our agent to get busy finding us a reliable tenant.

Thankfully, all the stars aligned and we found the perfect guy just in time.  Around that same week, a house in Greenfield became available that we had originally been told was not available.  It all worked out perfectly!

The minute Don confirmed everything was a GO, he got busy!  I have never seen him so motivated to do something in my life.  He pretty much packed, loaded, and unloaded our entire house all by himself.  I cannot thank all of the friends, family and trailers that helped us get all of our stuff here, though.  We could not have done it without everyone's help!

We gradually moved over the course of a few weeks.  At first, I was loving just taking our time and bringing a load whenever we could.  After about week 3, I was over it.  I was ready to get settled, explain to Ellie that this was our new house and her new room, etc., and we were ready for our own beds!  That was probably one of the hardest parts about the entire move.

We worked our tails off up until the day it was time for us to leave for the beach.  We have never needed a getaway more than we did at this time.  We had a wonderful, relaxing trip with some great friends.  It was just what we needed!

So now, we are home getting into a routine and settled.  We have managed to stay busy and it has been a lot of fun!  I will be sad when all of my teacher friends go back to work.  It has been nice to have them off this summer!

Ellie has usually been my easy "transitioner".  Bottles, paci's and potty training have been fairly smooth for her.  Unfortunately, when we moved, my good sleeper took a complete 180 turn to one that takes hours to get down, doesn't nap, and wants in our bed.  Poor baby has been through a lot this past month, but this sure can be trying.  We are exhausted by the time she finally falls asleep.  One night this week she was wide eyed until almost 2 am.  I felt like I had a newborn again!  I am trying to be patient with her.  A new house, new room, new bed, potty training, and a new baby sitter (more in a minute on this!) is A LOT for a little 2 year old to digest.  We have tried rewarding her for the good things and talk her through the difficult times.  I know this too will pass, so I am just trying to make sure she is happy!  That's all I care about.

I could tell she was starting to miss playing with friends at "school" so I got busy trying to line up a sitter or some sort of day care for her when school starts back.  I had heard rave reviews about Ms. Carla, and lucky for us she had a spot for Ellie!  She started last week and it has been great so far.  Ellie has not been pottying at home or at her house and didn't eat a bite her first day there, but every day since has gotten a little better.

So, that is our life in a nutshell right now!  Don is getting busy with football and my travel season is fast approaching.  Our life is never dull or boring, but I don't think we'd have it any other way!  I hope to get back to more regular blogging soon, but until next time...


  1. Hope the sleeping gets better. That first picture of her on the beach is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. Those are the best beach pictures!! She is precious.

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